The Background of a Personal Photo Organizer

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The Background of a Personal Photo Organizer

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A mission of a Personal Photo Organizer is to help you easily find, preserve and share your stories.

I hear it all the time – What is it that you do? There are people that do that. Yes there is!!

We take pictures of everything! There are 5 million pictures taken every day!

We have photos on our phones, computers, plus the photos, slides and old home videos we still have in shoe boxes.

How do we manage it all? That’s where I can help you. I help you manage your photos with a photo organizing system. Our precious memories are being hidden away and our stories are being lost in all the disorganization of our photos. I can help you from simply with a system to sort and organize them to taking on large products that involves a life’s worth of photos. I can provide you with systems and solutions for you to do it yourself, work alongside you or completely take it over and do it for you.

Where do I start?

You start by contacting me, or 636-485-3964 to schedule a consultation. I will carefully listen to your preferences and develop a plan and cost estimate based on what you want to accomplish.

I will be there for you in each of the following steps:

First, we gather ALL your photos, and then we will organize them into categories. We will make decisions about which ones to use or delete or throw away. It is OK to throw away pictures that are blurry, doubles, heads cut-off, you get the picture! Or any that don’t help you tell your story.

Second, we will make a plan for keeping your photos safe, digitizing your printed photos and backing up your digital photos.

Lastly, we will decide on how to best showcase them, albums, photo books, picture movies and anything that will help you tell your story. We will also train and educate you on photo management and digital photo organizing basics. So once they are organized they will stay organized!

You know your pictures and the memories they bring are important to you.

You know they need to be organized and kept safe for future generations to enjoy. So, why aren’t they organized?

TIME!! – Something we just don’t have a lot of, because we are so busy making more memories! Unfortunately we wait for a major life event, natural disaster, death to realize on how valuable our photos really are. I can help you now, so please don’t wait and until it’s too late to share and create your personal memories and photo treasures and tell your story that is waiting to be told!


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