Tackling Your Paper Pileups

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White office shelves with different stationery, close up

Tackling Your Paper Pileups

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White office shelves with different stationery, close up

Are you drowning in paper? Can’t use the computer without removing piles of paper first?

Set yourself free from paper by following these tips.

With the piles of paper your already have, start with the most recent papers. Touch each paper and decide what you want to do with it.

  • Trash
  • Recycle
  • Shred
  • Keep

The keep pile should have only ties into your core activities. In a file box or cabinet put each paper in their proper Action file.

  • Call
  • Read
  • Enter
  • Scan
  • Pay

Mark date and due dates on calendar and make a to do list. Also, name files for you activities; school, household, etc. Name files based on retrieval not storage. Keep titles simple and categories broad, so you have the fewest place to look for any given document.


Is there an area in your home where the mail is always dropped? Make that your designated mail area!

  • In that area have in and out boxes for your mail.
  • Try to go thru your mail daily.
  • Immediately throw away your junk mail.
  • When you receive a new catalog, or magazine, throw away the old one. If it’s not read by now it’s probably not going to be read.
  • File the rest in your action or activity file.
  • Try the app Paper Karma to stop unwanted mail.


Make individual cubbies for each child. Teach children to put all paperwork in their cubbies when they come home from school. Then make a habit to go through cubbies at the end of the day. Place any papers that need to go back to school in a folder that can be grabbed on the way out the door.


Are you ready to tackle your paper clutter? Contact me today!

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