Say Bye to Clutter!

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Say Bye to Clutter!

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Clutter…What is it and why do we have it?

Clutter is anything that is not serving a purpose in your life today. It is having things that you do not need, use or love. It is caused by delaying decisions on where your items belong.

We think having more is better, but it’s not! Things won’t bring us happiness. Having less stuff will make more room for happiness. Having too much stuff weighs us down physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is also costs us in many ways:

  • Time it takes to find what you are looking for.
  • Space you could create for what is important to you.
  • Money spent on duplicate items.
  • Energy you expend in taking care of your clutter.

There are so many items that are not used or needed in the home. We only use 20% of items we own. We need to figure our 20% and manage the other 80%.

To get rid of your clutter, start off slow and simple. Grab 2 large garbage bags, one for trash, second for charity; clothes not worn, books read, etc. Take 10-15 minutes each day for a week and fill the bags. Start with the areas you see first and bother you the most. By the end of the week you will notice a big difference.

If you ready and need help tackling your clutter, contact me anytime at 636-485-3964 or lisa@pictureitorganizedstl.com.


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