Kitchen Organizing Made Simple

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Kitchen Organizing Made Simple

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The kitchen is the heart of our homes. When we have friends and family over, every one loves to gather in the kitchen!

Here are some easy tips to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Set up your kitchen in zones. The items you need should always be within reach for the activity you are doing.

  • The cabinets by your dishwasher should hold your dishes, silverware, and glasses for easy clean-up and put away.
  • By your appliances you would store the items you use for food prep, cooking and serving.
  • Under your sink you would store your cleaning products and soaps.
  • Make a cabinet for your kids homework and arts/crafts supplies for easy clean-up.

Cabinet Storage Tips:

  • Place the items you use most in the front. Pull out storage drawers and lazy susan’s work best, so everything you have could be seen. If it isn’t seen it will not be used!
  • Use stand up tension rods to separate trays and lids.
  • Drawer and utensil dividers work great to keep silverware and serving utensils organized.
  • Use magazine holders placed vertically for water bottle storage.

The best system is the one that will work for your family. Make the home for the items that is easily accessible to every family member.



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